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GSBN: Canadian Military needs SB help

	Please note that I did not respond to this - who is in Winnipeg, and/or
who is willing to travel there? Please reply to "Scott Edwards"
sedwards@...,  and if you can copy me that would be swell. TLS would
like a story... - Mark Piepkorn

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From: "Scott Edwards" sedwards@...

Good afternoon:
I am writing to enquire if you can recommend (an) instructor(s) in straw
bale construction.  I would like to set up a workshop in Winnipeg Manitoba
(Canada) to instruct 20 (or so) military engineers in the various
techniques involved with an eye to constructing a 1400 sq foot water
quality laboratory in July/August 2000.  It is hoped that this building
will serve as a model for other Canadian Forces buildings in Canada and
during peacekeeping operations.
Any suggestions/direction you may have would be appreciated.
Thank you for your assistance.
S. Edwards