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Re: GSBN: Want to be on the TLS Advisory Board?

Excellent idea, and I think it is actually right along lines of the
original purpose of the list- to foster communication between various SB
groups, with the intention of furthering the understanding and development
of the various uses of straw in construction.

I think that having the articles "proofed" by a number of different expert
eyes will not only improve TLS, but also help to foster more inter-group
communication on this list.  And, as is the case with many list
discussions, we'll probably find the conversations branching off into other
related and not-so related topics and points of view.  In other words,
we'll be fulfilling the purpose of the list.

In response to Rene's request for the subject line to begin with "TLS", I
won't be able to automate that without creating a separate list.  The
"GSBN:" is automatically appended to the subject line by the list robot.
If the original poster begins their subject line with TLS and everyone who
responds leaves it intact, then you should be able to filter for it.
(It'll come through as "GSBN:TLS").


>	Quiet days on the ol' Global Straw Builders' Network list. (Can you
>the wind whistling between all of our busy schedules? Or is that our busy
>schedules churning up the breeze?)
>	I have a proposal that I'd like comments on, and I'm presenting it
>the guise that it's time to ante up money for the cost to run the list
>again. (Actually, it really is.) How about if The Last Straw pays for it?
>	I guess there's more to it than just that.
>	One of the things we've wanted to do at TLS for almost two years is
>an advisory board. It occurred to us some time ago that just about
>everybody we'd like to have on the board is already here. So what we'd like
>to do is utilize the GSBN list by posting edited stories (just the text,
>not photos) that are under consideration for the journal. Anybody who
>chooses to can read them, comment on them, point out and correct
>inaccuracies, propose counterpoint stories, bring up auxiliary information,
>tell us that it's not a good story to run, etc.
>	Participation is optional. Anybody who responds with suggestions,
>or comments will be listed as an active member of the Advisory Board on the
>masthead in the issue in which the story is published.
>	We won't be giving out the list's address or publicizing it, nor
>will we
>be cluttering up your mailbox with internal communication. This proposal is
>made solely in the interest of continuing to improve The Last Straw. The
>list will of course stay available as an under-utilized networking tool (if
>it becomes busy at its originally-intended purpose for some reason, we'll
>just make a separate TLS Advisory Board list... but the way things are, it
>seems to make good sense to stack the functions).
>	Comments?
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Bill Christensen

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