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Re: GSBN: Want to be on the TLS Advisory Board?


I think your proposal for the GSBN-TLS advisory board is a fine idea, in 
that it will enable us to both know and comment on the most current info, 
happenings, projects, research results, ideas, etc.  At the same time it 
provides TLS with a convenient vehicle for advice, feedback, and guidance 
from a great and diverse group of people who are, as you point out, many 
of the same people who you want on your advisory board anyway. You've got 
my vote for it.

As for the GSBN vs (or and) TLS question, it matters not to me. I do the 
sorting manually anyway rather than filtering it first. I do like the 
idea of identifying in the subject whether it's a general or TLS related 
post, but whether it is automatically done or we do it ourselves isn't 
important to me.


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