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Re: GSBN: Straw Bale in India?

Dear Mark

Just clearing out my archives and I know that I did not answer this one 
about India.  I met a Dr. Job Ebenezer, a fine Indian gentleman now 
residing in Chicago.  I met Job at Catalyst 97 in Canberra.  Job sent me 
some great photos of Indian straw houses as well as their tilt-up straw 
panel system. 

Job can be contacted at The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:

8765 West Higgins Road
Chicago  IL  60631  (Beats me how we colonials are meant to know what IL 
stands for Illinois I suppose)
Job's phone # 773 380 2708
Email: ebenezer@...

I hope that he is still there as I would love to publish these photos on 
our web site someday.  In 'The Hindu' Wednesday February 7 1996 there is 
an article about A Low Cost House Built With Paddy Straw, it's a beauty! 
 Built in a place called Tiruchi at the Centre for Appropriate 
Technology of Bishgop Herber College of Tiruchi in collaboration with 
the Herber Au Sable Institute of Michigin USA.

So if I can get this thing scanned I will post anyone a copy or better 
still post it on our web site.

Sorry it took me so long to answer this one.

Regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 4465 1624