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GSBN:Spirit/NBC Presenters

'Building with Spirit'
Natural Building Colloquium - East 2000 (NBC-East 2000)
June 3-10, 2000 - PeaceWeaver Center, Bath, New York

Confirmed Presenters Include:
Rob Roy and Jackie Roy, Earthwood Building School - Cordwood, Underground, 
Stone Circles, Mortgage Free.
Paul Lacinski, GreenSpace Collaborative - Straw-bale Construction, Building 
in Cold and Wet Climates.
Juliet Cumings and David Shaw, Earth Sweet Home - Experiences of 
Ianto Evans, Cob Cottage Company - Cob Building, Sites, Permaculture, Housing 
Marty Cain - Dowsing and Labyrinths.
Joe Jenkins - Humanure and Slate Roofs.
Justin Indoine - Natural Finishes and Earthen Plasters

Many More Fascinating Folks Invited. (updates as available) 

For more information contact Darren at Green Logic Design, 212-769-6387 or ket