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GSBN:Pima County (AZ) Sponsors Alternative Building Materials Exhibition!

If you are a member of several listserves relating to natural building,
you may receive this message more than once.  We apologize if you do,
but we think this is an important event and want to give it the broadest
possible coverage. Please do pass this on. Thank you for your interest
Joelee Joyce
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------PRESS RELEASE-------
For Immediate Release:
March 22, 2000

Contact Person- Lynn Underwood
(520) 740-6490  FAX (520) 740-6888
Email: lbunderw@...
OR:  Joelee Joyce, DAWN/Out On Bale By Mail
(520) 624-1673
Email: dawnaz@...

Tucson Sets a New Standard for Alternative Building Materials

Pima County Building Codes Officials Host the Very First
Alternative Building Materials Exhibition  (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)

[Tucson, Pima County, AZ] Pima County is one of the leaders in the
nation to approve alternative building materials. Tucson is viewed as a
national hub of forward thinking and openness towards sustainable
communities.  Pima County Building Department has an on-going commitment
towards sustainable building and the intelligent use of alternative
building  materials and will host the first Alternative Buildings
Materials Exhibition.

This Alternative Buildings Material Exhibition will be held at the
Public Works Courtyard, April 21st, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, located at
201 N. Stone.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend, and there
is no charge.   Sustainable, often called green building, and many
alternative building materials offer environmentally friendly
alternatives to standard building practice.  Some of the many products
included in this exhibition are rammed earth, straw bale, steel framing,
structural insulated panels, green roofing products, sustainable
architecture and insulated concrete masonry systems.

The vision for this exhibition was sparked by articles appearing in the
official publication of the International Conference of  Building
Officials (ICBO), "Building Standards" magazine, both in their Sept-Oct
1998 issue and the most recent Jan-Feb 2000 issue, featuring local
sustainable building advocate, David Eisenberg. Eisenberg will lead off
a series of presentations which will take place during the day at this
special event. He is a well-known author and spokesman for alternative
materials, their various methods of construction, and building a
sustainable future.  Also attending and presenting a seminar is Paul
McHenry, who is well-known for adobe construction.  For more
information, contact:   Lynn Underwood, with Pima County Building Codes
(520) 740-6490, or Joelee Joyce, DAWN/Out On Bale By Mail, (520)