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Digest for 4/7/00

-> Sort of Urgent: Still a secret: a state-sponsored test might be underways.
     by "Lars Keller" lars_keller@...


Date: 7 Apr 2000 17:56:40 +0100
From: "Lars Keller" lars_keller@...
Subject: Sort of Urgent: Still a secret: a state-sponsored test might be
underways. LarsK


persons with experience from drafting a test-scheme, and knowledge about 
what still need be tested, as regards plastered sb-walls and 

Lars Keller
0045 9849 1432

0) Please do only respond to lars_keller@...this is not yet 
definite, and since this is a request I put forward without my colleagues 
knowing it yet.
1) The test I#180#m mentioning has not yet received the message, that the
have been earmarked for it. But, it is very, very close.
2) Jettie Nielsen, Steen M#248#ller and myself received a letter telling about

the test-programme today.
3) The project starts April 15th. Before that date the "Trade (?)-group for 
Loam- & Strawbuilding" under the "National Association for Ecological 
Building" has to select the persons who will be in the "Accompanying Group", 
which is the group of people continuously supervising the test-programme.
4) So: I#180#m writing you about something that might never be, something you 
shouldn#180#t talk about untill you receive a letter from me confirming that
money have been earmarked for the project.

My thoughts right now:
1) On Monday Jettie, Steen and I will discuss how to move along
2) We will most probably try to set up a network of "the most deeply 
involved and engaged persons". This group will be "the forum" amongst us 
where we can discuss relevant stuff.
3) This group will select the persons to go in the "Accompanying Group".

Why I contact you:
I am going to suggest, that some "external" persons get added to the 
"Accompanying Group". I think can serve some different purposes:
- - some of you have more experience than anyone in Denmark
- - some of you know what still need to be tested
- - we want the tests as good as possible
- - we want to make sure, that our test does not later limit the variety of 
building techniques
- - to use  the "icebraker" potential of the test to its fullest

My question is:
- - Would you be interested in coorperating in drafting and continuously 
supervising the testprogramme   ?
- - Do you know potential people whom I forgot, people who ought to know about

this letter ?

About the test:
Timeperiod: 15th of Aprl, 2000 to 15th of October 2001
Money: $ 100.000,-
Responsible institution: National Building Institute.
Regarding Straw:
- - checking heat-technical qualities
- - checking moisture-technical qualities
- - checking fire-technical qualities
- - checking soundinsulation-technical qualities
- - working-environment-conditions
- - determining life-cycle-parameters

Regarding Sea-Mussels:
- - checking heat-technical qualities
- - checking moisture-technical qualities
- - determining the hight to which moisture can rise in Se a-Mussels
- - determining life-cycle-parameters

- --------------------------------------------

So, if you are interested in offering time/knowledge/..., then please 
contact me.
Best REgards
Lars Keller

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