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GSBN:NBC-East/Spirit Presenters Update and Web Sites

NBC-East/Spirit Presenters Update and Web Sites

Imagine if you will you, your family and friends stomping on wet clay mixed 
with NY States finest straw and sand, can you feel it, the cool earth oozing 
between your toes?  Or perhaps stacking large "fuzzy straw bricks" in a 
circular pattern to dizzying heights than capping that structure with a 
bamboo truss roof covered with thatch.  Hard to imagine?  Sound crazy? Want 
to play and learn than plan to join us at the Natural Building 
Colloquium-East 2000 / "Building with Spirit". 

NBC-East/Spirit is weeklong unique hands-on natural building and permaculture 
educational exploration.

To see photos from the 1998 Natural Building Colloquium-East take a look at 
these web sites: 


www.bamboofurniture.com Click on architecture, scroll to bottom of page and 
click on the small square center photo of bamboo master Tim Ivory and truss.  

Presenters' Include: Kim Thompson, Straw-bale Projects - Straw-bale 
Construction and Women Designers and Builders workshop.  David Eisenberg**, 
Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT) - Natural Building and 
Codes.  Patty Ceglia, Wilson College/Human Habitat - Sustainable Design 
Criteria the Process of Creativity and Site Analysis's. Sal LaDuca - 
Baubiologie and Electromagnetic Exposure.  Tim Ivory*, Ecobambu - Bamboo 
Construction.  Ithaca Eco Village Member - Co-Housing. David Gregory, New 
Jersey Permaculture Guild - Permaculture. Jeff Achenbach*- Thatch.  Rob Roy 
and Jackie Roy, Earthwood Building School - Cordwood, Underground, Stone 
Circles, Mortgage Free. Paul Lacinski, GreenSpace Collaborative - Straw-bale 
Construction, Building in Cold and Wet Climates.  Juliet Cumings and David 
Shaw, Earth Sweet Home - Experiences of Owner/Designer/Builder.  Ianto Evans, 
Cob Cottage Company - Cob Building, Sites, Permaculture, Housing Topics. Marty
 Cain - Dowsing and Labyrinths.  Joe Jenkins - Humanure and Slate Roofs.  Just
in Indoine - Natural Finishes and Earth Plasters.   Anne Sacilowski, Sunstone 
Cottage - Small and Passive Solar Home Design.    Clark Sanders**, 
Straw-bale, Designing Sacred Space, Local Building Conditions.    Mark 
Piepkorn, The Last Straw.      Jan Sturmann,  Cob ovens, round Wood 
Many More Fascinating Folks Invited*.            **Schedule Permitting

For program and presenter information:
Email Darren Port at Green Logic Design/NBC-East 2000,  ketsie@...or 
call 212-769-6387.

To registrar for "Building with Spirit"
Email the PeaceWeavers at pw@... or call 607-776-4060.  For 
more information on the PeaceWeavers visit their website www.peaceweaver.com

Help spread the word tell your friends and family,
business and organization , today.