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Re: GSBN:literature for TLS / GSBN


I read Goethe but after paging through Bauen met Ballen I found a new, very
earthy inspiration so Wedig is the name to keep in mind. The direct earthy
style of the titile, with an extra dimension in the Dutch language, reflects
on the contents. No talk its all walk.

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>After classicism with Schiller and Goethe or the  books of Karl Marx,
Freud, Jung,
>Horkheimer, Habermas, Adorno and some  publications on Baubiologie the
German language
>zone is now enriched with two  revolutionary publications on straw-bale
techniques, one
>booklet of 46 pages  "Bauen mit Ballen" and one book with 96 pages  "Bauen
mit Stroh".
>Bauen mit Ballen is edited by  straw-bale pioneer Harald Wedig and a
compilation of 6
>German speaking authors.  Its very useful for those who like to prove a
first taste of
>the magic that  straw-bale building can offer. We learn about history,
general techniques
>and it  offers some personal dreams and insights of the authors. The
booklet contains
>some hints for networking including addresses. Appealing colour pictures
provide  a sense
>for lowcost housing and for comfortable housing. A nice present or
collector item for
>your straw-bale library. I bought directly a bunch of  it. The book is
published by OLV
>(Organischer Landbau  Verlagsgesellschaft mbH) PBox 1139, D-46509 Xanten,
Germany, 1999,
>T:  0049.2801.71701 - F: 0049.2801.71703 - email: OLV_Verlag@...
>3-922201-34-2 price: DM 16.80 / SFR 16.30 / OES 123.00 Bauen mit Stroh is a
>book, written and compiled by Herbert and Astrid Gruber. You can feel the
>feather of Herbert who is a journalist and Astrids inspiring style. You
find a rather
>updated overview on straw-bale buildings worldwide. A large  variety of
pictures provide
>insight on selfbuilder solutions and professional  applications. We find
answers to most
>of the questions a newcomer might have on  straw-bale techniques,
properties, insulation
>value, elasticity, fire-resitance,  mice, rats, insects, mould... and
moisture. We find
>recommondations on stuccoing and valuable insidertips. Last not least an
>international ressourcelist with websites and addresses invites  to link up
with the
>worldwibe straw-bale network. This book will definitly  fascinate many
people to realize
>their dream house. And yes your internetnet  bookseller will deliver it
directly. Highly
>recommendable. Published by Oekobuch Verlag, Staufen bei Freiburg 2000,
>http://www.oekobuch.de email: oekobuch@...
> , price: DM 24,90 / SFr 24,90 / öS 181,- =  ca.$ 12