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GSBN:A change at TLS begins

	The Last Straw is staying right where it is... but I've decided to move
on. The transition has already begun. I was delayed by transmission
repairs, but now I'm ready to flee.

	Derek Roff, who has been added to the GSBN list, has been asked and has
agreed to join the editorial posse. If the readership has luck on its side,
he'll be my replacement. The current TLS team has long known and trusted
Derek; we've been impressed by his knowledge, his ability to synthesize
information, his language skills (in more than one tongue), his ethics,
goals, and attitudes. If we weren't, we wouldn't have asked him aboard.
(And the invitation had been extended before I realized it was time for me
to go.) He can be reached c/o thelaststraw@...,  or his direct
email at derek@...

	I'll have no permanent street address for the next many months, but my
email address should be the same if anybody wants to reach me for some
reason. Not sure how often I'll be able to access the internet, so please
be patient.

	The next issue of TLS, as many of you know, is about reducing footprints.
Put less subtly, it's about small houses. I feel good about beginning to
step back from active TLS duty in the wake of this issue; in my estimation,
it's the most important one of which I've played some part. The actual
credit goes to guest-editor Shay Salomon, of course. I'm just basking in
the glow of her accomplishment. It makes me look good.   :)

	Anybody who was planning on attending Building With Spirit in Bath NY,
well, I won't see you there. The cancellation of that event bummed me out;
they had an excellent lineup of presenters. For those who'll be going to
Build Here Now at the Lama Foundation, I look forward to seeing you there.

	Keep the spirit, folks!