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Re: The request of standards for straw-bale houses

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Dear sirs,

The Czech company WINDROSE s.r.o. by the financial support of Parliament of the Czech republic is going in the near future to begin to construction of low-cost ecological dwelling complexes with use of straw-bale technologies.

Now in Europe there are no standards and techniques of certification for straw-bale constructions and their elements, therefore at the request of the representative of parliament of Czechia - madam Zuzana Rojtova we address to you for the detailed information on problems of certification straw-bale constructions.

We are interested in the list of the standards, acting in USA, and techniques on certification straw-bale constructions, their number, and also samples of the certificates on straw-bale dwelling complexes.

Thank you for your trouble. Your prompt reply will be sincerely appreciated.

With best regards
Poleacov M.


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Hello Nika,

We are happy to hear that there is interest in strawbale building in Czech Republic. I have the US standards in print form, and I believe they are also available free on the internet. There are also a number of straw-bale tests that have been completed in the US, concerning fire, wind and compression, also moisture testing completed in Canada. These, and book and video resources are available via our website: http://www.strawbalecentral.com

Also, there is an active European network of straw-bale builders who I would like to put you in touch with. They could provide consultation on designs and workshop leaders for construction of the bale walls. Also there is an on-going straw-bale testing program in Austria as well as one beginning in Denmark, so there may soon be regional testing data for your use.

In Austria contact:
Marcus Piringer <markus.piringer@...iwillalsoforwardtoyouarecentexcellentreporthehascompletedaboutstraw-balebuilding.it'sinenglish,butthereshouldalsobeareportingermanavailableindenmark,contact:larskeller<lars_keller@hotmail.com>

In The Netherlands contact: Martin Oehlmann <martin.oehlmann@...andharaldwedig>>

Best Regards,
Catherine Wanek, Managing Editor

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