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Re: ASTM E 84 Test

From: "Howard Switzer" <ecoarchitech@...:"theblackrange"
Yes, keep us posted and we will make it down there for one of those shindigs. We began putting up straw on Turtle House this past weekend. This is a studio and residence for sister Larraine Lauter at St. Josephs Maple Mount Farm near Ownesboro,KY. It is the most beautiful site we've worked on and the volunteeers from the surrounding community were delightful. Unfortunately much of the straw she had was a bit too wet for me to be at all comfortable about putting it up. I was getting readings from my tester of 30, 60, sometimes even 106 or more in some of the bales. We searched through the bales and found some under 20 whaich we put up into walls but most of it is stacked around loosly in hopes that it will dry enough to be out up into walls. I fear those bales may be lost to fungus before they dry. I've never gotten straw that was this wet, usually bales we see are under 15 in moisture, usually 10-11. What do you think? Will they dry? Or should she just return them? I'm thinking she should.

Hope you had a great trip and we are looking forward to hearing all about it.

howard and katey
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Katrina Hayes has finaly gotten Omega Point Labs to agree to run an E 84 test on strawbales. Her local code official has insisted she present him with the results in order to obtain a permit. She has gotten local help to get the bales delivered to the lab from someone she found through the Texas Strawbale Association, or whatever it is called. In any case the test will cost $850.00 and Katrina would appreciate any help she could get from others who need these test results or who support further legitamizing SBC with code officials. Her address is;

Katrina Hayes
P.O. Box 1037
Pulaski, TN 38478

Would you please put this notice out to any SBC lists you know of?

Thank you,

howard m switzer


Hi Howard,

Just returned from my European straw-bale Odyssey, and got this message. I think this would be good to put this announcement in the next issue of TLS. Can you give us a summary of the test results to publish, with info on how to obtain the full results. She could charge $10pp or something to help defray her expenses.
(Or, I would be happy to carry them along with the other testing results that I sell....)

Interestingly, we are going to feature SB fire stories in the next issue, so this would tie in nicely. Deadline, July 10 (firm!)

Sorry we won't see you at Build Here Now 2000! We're hosting a fall Natural Building Colloquium Oct 31- Nov 4, and there may be another BHN in 2001, so we'll keep you posted.

Best Regards,
Catherine Wanek, Managing Editor

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