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Digest for 6/21/00

-> Re: The request of standards for straw-bale houses
     by the black range blackrange@...
-> Re: ASTM E 84 Test
     by the black range blackrange@...


Date: 21 Jun 2000 11:39:46 +0100
From: the black range blackrange@...
Subject: Re: The request of standards for straw-bale houses

At 12:10 PM 6/20/00 +0300, you wrote:


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Dear sirs,

The Czech company WINDROSE s.r.o. by the financial support of Parliament
of the Czech republic is going in the near future to begin to
construction of low-cost ecological dwelling<bold> </bold>complexes with
use of straw-bale technologies. 

Now in Europe there are no standards and techniques of certification for
straw-bale constructions and their elements, therefore at the request of
the representative of parliament of Czechia - madam Zuzana Rojtova we
address to you for the detailed information on problems of certification
straw-bale constructions. 


</bigger>We are interested in the list of the standards, acting in USA,
and techniques on certification straw-bale constructions, their number,
and also samples of the certificates on straw-bale dwelling complexes.

Thank you for your trouble. Your prompt reply will be sincerely

With best regards


  Poleacov M.

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<paraindent><param>left,left,left,left</param>Post address:              
      17.Listopadu, 169091 BYeclav

Czech republic






tel.mob. 420607831082 



Hello Nika,

We are happy to hear that there is interest in strawbale building in
Czech Republic.  I have the US standards in print form, and I believe
they are also available free on the internet.  There are also a number of
straw-bale tests that have been completed in the US, concerning fire,
wind and compression, also moisture testing completed in Canada.  These,
and book and video resources are available via our website:

Also, there is an active European network of straw-bale builders who I
would like to put you in touch with.  They could provide consultation on
designs and workshop leaders for construction of the bale walls.  Also
there is an on-going straw-bale testing program in Austria as well as one
beginning in Denmark, so there may soon be regional testing data for your

In Austria contact: 

Marcus Piringer <markus.piringer@...  I will also forward to
you a recent excellent report he has completed about straw-bale building.
 It's in English, but there should also be a report in German available

In Denmark, Contact:  Lars Keller << Lars_Keller@hotmail.com>

In The Netherlands contact:  Martin Oehlmann    
<martin.oehlmann@...  and Harald Wedig <avantgarden@... 
(Harald is away until July 15)  

There is also an upcoming European Straw-bale Conference in England in
October.  contact: Martin Oehlmann for details.

For good internet resources visit: 

http://www.strawhomes.com  (The Last Straw Journal - the International
Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building)

http://azstarnet.com/~dcat (Development Center for Appropriate Technology
- - Code and Institutional issues)  and
http://www.builderswithoutborders.com  (Builders without Borders -- free
visual SB design and how-to primer)

We expect you will be able to meet your information and human resource
needs, and wish you success in your straw-bale projects! 


Best Regards,

Catherine Wanek, Managing Editor

The Last Straw 

The Grassroots Journal of Straw Bale & Natural Building

HC66, Box 119

Hillsboro, NM  88042

(505) 895-5400 /fax (505) 895-3326




Date: 21 Jun 2000 12:24:26 +0100
From: the black range blackrange@...
Subject: Re: ASTM E 84 Test

>>>>   From: "Howard Switzer"   To: "the black range"   Subject: Re: ASTM E 84
Test  Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 07:21:49 -0500   ArialIT IS NOW OFFICIAL,
be happy to share the official results for a $10.00 donation, you have her
address so let folks know. It took months getting even a responce from the lab
that they would actually do it or not, then finding someone who would take the
bales over to the lab for testing, then the testing itself took only ten
minutes. To be fair I should mention that Omega Point Labs had to modify their
tunnel to test straw bales because of their size. The E 84 test is for flame
spread and smoke development and the standard building code requires a minimum
flame spread index of 75 and a maximum smoke developed index of 450. Straw
bales passed the test with, ....drum roll please, a flame spread index of 10
and a smoke developed index of 350!  The E 84 and the E 119 are the only two
tests relating to fire that are required by code that I'm aware of. Three
cheers for Katrina and strawbales.       ArialYes, keep us posted and we will
make it down there for one of those shindigs. We began putting up straw on
Turtle House this past weekend. This is a studio and residence for sister
Larraine Lauter at St. Josephs Maple Mount Farm near Ownesboro,KY. It is the
most beautiful site we've worked on and the volunteeers from the surrounding
community were delightful. Unfortunately much of the straw she had was a bit
too wet for me to be at all comfortable about putting it up. I was getting
readings from my tester of 30, 60, sometimes even 106 or more in some of the
bales. We searched through the bales and found some under 20 whaich we put up
into walls but most of it is stacked around loosly in hopes that it will dry
enough to be out up into walls. I fear those bales may be lost to fungus
before they dry. I've never gotten straw that was this wet, usually bales we
see are under 15 in moisture, usually 10-11. What do you think? Will they dry?
Or should she just return them? I'm thinking she should.      ArialHope you
had a great trip and we are looking forward to hearing all about it.     
Arialhoward and katey   ----- Original Message -----    From:
0000,0000,fefemailto:blackrange@zianet.com>the black range    To:
0000,0000,fefemailto:ecoarchitech@earthlink.net>Howard Switzer    Cc:
   Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2000 2:51 PM   Subject: Re: ASTM E 84 Test     At
07:36 AM 5/3/00 -0500, you wrote:   >>>>   Katrina Hayes has finaly gotten
Omega Point Labs to agree to run an E 84 test on strawbales. Her local code
official has insisted she present him with the results in order to obtain a
permit. She has gotten local help to get the bales delivered to the lab from
someone she found through the Texas Strawbale Association, or whatever it is
called. In any case the test will cost $850.00 and Katrina would appreciate
any help she could get from others who need these test results or who support
further legitamizing SBC with code officials. Her address is;   Katrina Hayes 
P.O. Box 1037  Pulaski, TN 38478   Would you please put this notice out to any
SBC lists you know of?   Thank you,   howard m switzer     


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