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Undeliverable: GSBN:Jan/Feb 2000 Building Standards articles up o n ICBO Website

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Hi all,

I just thought folks might be interested to know that the 
January/February 2000 Issue of Building Standards Magazine is now up on 
the ICBO website. It contains the second feature on alternative building 
materials that we at DCAT helped pull together for ICBO. As we understand 
it, this issue, like the previous alternative materials feature issue 
from September/October 1998 is sold out - the only issues, we've been 
told, that have ever achieved that status.  

In the Jan/Feb issue there is an eight page interview with Bob Fowler and 
me on sustainable building, alternative materials, and building 
regulation. There are also articles about earthships, bamboo, cob, cast 
earth, and earthbag construction. Also on the same site is the original 
Sept/Oct 1998 feature, which had an overview article by me and articles 
by proponents with accompanying sidebar articles by building officials on 
adobe, rammed earth, straw bale, sandbag construction and pozzolanic 

I have listed below, the relevant articles, which are all downloadable 
from the site. The URL is for Building Standards Online and it is for the 
Features and Articles section:


(January - February 2000)

An Alternative Future for Building Regulation (Fowler/Eisenberg Interview)
Earthship Building: An Ecocentric Method of Construction (Jack Ehrhardt)
Building With Bamboo (Darrel DeBoer)
Cob Construction (Michael Smith)
Cob and the Building Code (John Fordice)
Cast Earth: A Revolutionary Building Concept (Michael Frerking)
Lunar and Terrestrial Sustainable Building Technology in the New 
Millennium (Nader Khalili)

Building Standards Online
Features and Articles

(September - October 1998)
Toward Less Waste and Pollution by Design (Dennis Weaver)
Building a Sustainable Future (David Eisenberg)
Rammed Earth: Developing New Guidelines for an Old Material (Joe Tibbets)
Rammed Earth: A Code Official Perspective (Tommy Garcia)
Adobe: A Present from the Past (Paul McHenry)
Adobe: A Code Official's Perspective (Raymond Quintana)
Straw-bale Construction (Bruce King)
Straw-bale Construction: A Building Official's Perspective (Leroy Sayre)
Earth Architecture and Ceramics: The Sandbag/Superadobe/Superblock 
Construction System (Nader Khalili & Phil Vittore)
Sandbag/Superadobe/Superblock: A Code Official Perspective (Tom Harp)
Pozzolans Unpuzzled: Mineral Admixtures, Fly Ash and Other Waste Products 
Add Strength and Durability to Concrete (Bruce King)

Happy hunting...


David Eisenberg - Director
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 27513 - Tucson, Arizona 85726-7513 USA
(520) 624-6628, (520) 798-3701 Fax
strawnet@...(direct personal e-mail)

"... A genuinely fundamental and hopeful improvement in 
`systems' cannot happen without a significant shift in 
human consciousness, and ...it cannot be accomplished 
through a simple organizational trick. This is something no 
revolutionary or reformer can bring about; it can be only 
the natural expression of a more general state of mind, the 
state of mind in which man can see beyond the tip of his 
own nose and prove capable of taking on--under the aspect 
of eternity--responsibility even for the things that don't 
immediately concern him, and relinquish something of his 
private interest in favor of the interest of the community, 
the general interest. Without such a mentality, even the 
most carefully considered project aimed at altering systems 
are for naught." -- Vaclav Havel