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GSBN:Mongolian Study Tour to North America

>From: Gordon Johnson johnsongordon@...
>Subject: Mongolian Study Tour to North America

>Hello from Mongolia again.
>I just posted a message about an evaluation of our straw-bale building project
>in Mongolia. Even if you can't come to Mongolia, we still might be able to
>bring a bit of Mongolia to you.
>As part of our project, we would like to send a team of Mongolian construction
>experts to North America to learn more about straw-bale building
>contruction in
>that part of the world. The team would consist of four or five people and
>include construction professionals, engineering designers, project personnel,
>and perhaps an energy conservation or environmental specialist. The group
>like to learn more about straw-bale building research, building codes,
>practices, etc. They would like to participate in any relevant and
>timed straw-bale building events at the same time such as workshops, seminars
>or even wall-raisings. If possible, and in order to reduce costs, they would
>like to be able to arrange home-stays for at least part of the trip. Finally,
>if all of this could be arranged in a part of the world that is similar in
>climate and geography to Mongolia (that is to say, cool and dry), so much the
>With all of this in mind, if you as an individual or your organization would
>like to assist in arranging this trip, please let us know as soon as possible.
>I can send you a full outline of what the group is hoping to learn.
>We look forward to hearing from some of you soon. Here's your chance to
>sustainable construction methods as well as the development of this vast and
>distant land.
>Gordon Johnson
>UNDP Mongolia (MON/97/301)
>P.O. Box 49/207
>Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
>Phone:     976-1-325221 (work), 976-1-318256 (home)
>Phone/Fax: 976-1-318419 (work)


Bill Christensen

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