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Re: GSBN:Strawbale Project Evaluation in Mongolia

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Dear Gordon, I'm sure you are already discussing Mongolian strawbale
construction with Bee Rowan, who has been supervising the building of one of
the clinics there this year, but if not, I think you will find she has a lot
of valuable knowledge and insight to offer about the construction method,
process, and working with a combined volunteer and local workforce.
Best wishes, Barbara Jones
Amazon Nails. Strawbale building, training, consultancy, empowerment.

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Subject: GSBN:Strawbale Project Evaluation in Mongolia

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> >Subject: Strawbale Project Evaluation in Mongolia
> >
> >Hello from Mongolia!
> >
> >Many of you know that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is
> >supporting a project in Mongolia to improve energy-efficiency in
> >buildings. The
> >heart of the project is straw-bale building technologies since: waste
straw is
> >a readily available material, since other materials are not so abundant,
> >Mongolia is extremely cold, since Mongolia doesn't use its energy
> >very efficiently, since straw-bale buildings are relatively cheap, etc.
> >project follows pioneering work done in Mongolia on straw-bale building
> >construction by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). You
> >have read about it The Last Straw.
> >
> >The project is set to run from 1997 through 2002. Here, at the half-way
> >it is time to evaluate our progress. UNDP and the Government of Mongolia
> >like to get an independent assessment on the project's relevance for
> >Mongolia,
> >its performance thus far, and lessons that can be drawn that are of
> >to the project during its final two years of operation.
> >
> >We are therefore seeking a qualified international candidate to be the
> >leader for this evaluation. The team leader would work with a pair of
> >consultants (a construction engineer and a heating engineer) and would
> >bear the
> >main responsiblity for writing the evaluation report.
> >
> >We are not necessarily looking for a straw-bale construction expert, but
> >rather
> >someone who has experience with international development projects and
who has
> >a good eye for what works and what doesn't work, especially in
> >projects in the developing world. Experience with construction projects
> >straw-bale building efforts would help, as would experience working in
> >so-called "economies in transition."
> >
> >If you're interested in this work and feel you are qualified, please drop
me a
> >line and I can send you the full scope of work for the evaluation. A copy
> >your resume would also be helpful to us.
> >
> >Need I add that Mongolia is a great country to visit?
> >
> >Gordon
> >
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