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GSBN:from Evgeny Shirokov, Belarus, BD IAE

Dear SB brothers and Sisters,
 I would like to inform you about three things:
 we get 2 prize of World Sustainable Energy Awards -2000 for SB housing for Chernobyl
 settlers in Belarus, but we think - this is prize for all SB builders
 in the World,
 we start transfer SB technology to Czech Republic together with
 Windrose Co and plan to build Demo SB house in Tatry Mountains (on
 border with Poland)- local people are already inspirited,
 we try to get grant-1 mln$ from Carbon Fund (GEF-UN) for 100 SB houses in

 Please, find att. New Story about 3 piglets, translated in English by
 Marina Bakhnova, CEE manager of Earth Consul of UN in Costa -Rica.

Best regards,
 Evgeny                          mailto:iae@...