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Re: GSBN:Mongolian Study Tour to North America

Dear Gordon,
Your e-mail has reached us just as we are leaving for a two-week trip. 
We will not have enough time to discuss HOW we might support the visit of
Mongolia construction experts to North America before we leave, but we
did want you to know that we are very interested in doing so.
Our assistance might best come in the form of trying to put you in
contact with the most appropriate people...climate-wise, we think of
Montana, Nebraska and Colorado...all of which have good and active
straw-bale builders and teachers.  We'll contact you when we return - by
What do you foresee as the timing and duration of this visit?
Thank you for all your good work.
Matts Myhrman and Judy Knox
Out On Bale
Tucson, Arizona 
On Wed, 19 Jul 2000 09:59:24 -0500 billc_lists@...:
>>From: Gordon Johnson johnsongordon@...
>>Subject: Mongolian Study Tour to North America
>>Hello from Mongolia again.
>>I just posted a message about an evaluation of our straw-bale 
>building project
>>in Mongolia. Even if you can't come to Mongolia, we still might be 
>able to
>>bring a bit of Mongolia to you.
>>As part of our project, we would like to send a team of Mongolian 
>>experts to North America to learn more about straw-bale building
>>contruction in
>>that part of the world. The team would consist of four or five people 
>>include construction professionals, engineering designers, project 
>>and perhaps an energy conservation or environmental specialist. The 
>>like to learn more about straw-bale building research, building 
>>practices, etc. They would like to participate in any relevant and
>>timed straw-bale building events at the same time such as workshops, 
>>or even wall-raisings. If possible, and in order to reduce costs, 
>they would
>>like to be able to arrange home-stays for at least part of the trip. 
>>if all of this could be arranged in a part of the world that is 
>similar in
>>climate and geography to Mongolia (that is to say, cool and dry), so 
>much the
>>With all of this in mind, if you as an individual or your 
>organization would
>>like to assist in arranging this trip, please let us know as soon as 
>>I can send you a full outline of what the group is hoping to learn.
>>We look forward to hearing from some of you soon. Here's your chance 
>>sustainable construction methods as well as the development of this 
>vast and
>>distant land.
>>Gordon Johnson
>>UNDP Mongolia (MON/97/301)
>>P.O. Box 49/207
>>Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
>>Phone:     976-1-325221 (work), 976-1-318256 (home)
>>Phone/Fax: 976-1-318419 (work)
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