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GSBN:HOAX: "Fatal Virus Warning"

For your information, the "virus" described in the post below is a HOAX.


Please educate yourself about viruses and what to do about them - http://www.mcafee.com and http://www.symantec.com are both good sources of information.

If you're really concerned about viruses, BUY some anti-virus software from those or other vendors. Many such companies have warning services for a small fee which are FAR more reliable than email like the one below.

If you ever get an email such as this one, please first go to one of the sites above, or at least go to the Urban Legends site at http://www.urbanlegends.com and see if it's a bonafide fake. These people LOVE to debunk hoaxes, and list virtually every one, including the Wobbler scare. Go look it up right now!!!!

Most especially, DO NOT EVER post unsubstantiated virus warnings to discussion lists. Even if you think you're doing people a favor. If you take the five minutes to verify it, and it IS a real virus, THEN you'll be doing us a favor... otherwise, you're just wasting our time and bandwidth.

NOW, please post this message back to everyone to whom you sent the original "warning". Maybe we can teach people to think before they post this kind of junk.


Bill Christensen
Sysop and webmaster since 1994


Received from Dell computer Center

There is a new virus - WOBBLER.  It will arrive on e-mail entitled

IBM and AOL have announced that it is very powerful, more so than Melissa.
There is no remedy...It will eat all your information on the hard drive and
also destroys Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  DO NOT
OPEN anything with this title and please pass this message on to all your
contacts and anyone who uses your e-mail facility.  Not many people seem to
know about this yet so propagate it as fast as possible.

If you receive an e-mail titled "WIN A HOLIDAY", DO NOT OPEN it.

It will erase everything on your hard drive.   Forward this letter to as
many people as you can.  This is a new, very malicious virus and not many
people know about it.  This information was announced Wednesday morning from

Telltale signs that this is a hoax:

No references to supporting documents. If it was a real virus, they'd tell you what to do about it. At the very least, there should be a URL of Microsoft's announcment... or Dell's... or IBM's.... or AOL's.

Undated. On which "Wednesday morning" did Microsoft announce it? Today? Last week? Five years ago? Never?

"Forward this letter to as many people as you can". This is a classic hoax line. It's how they spread THEIR virus, and if you do it you've fallen into their trap. You are now the virus vector - and the virus is this post!

This one is worse than most - they're not even internally consistant about the title of the email.

Bill Christensen

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