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Re: GSBN:Where to send donations to "Kelly Lerner's Wish List of Teaching Materials for Mongolia/China" Fund

Rob Tom wrote:

> Any donations in excess of the required amount could  be
> given to Builders WithOut  Borders for their on-going work (unless
> you stipulate otherwise) so don't worry about your donation causing
> us to exceed the target.
> For the Murricans (who are *obviously* the most needful of
> redemption through donation), I believe that your donations
> are tax-deductable,  but I don't know anything about that.

I would like to take a moment to thank Rob for his efforts on this project.
Being in similar shoes as Kelly when we are working in Mexico, I can let you
know just how much the support and help of people from this list is
appreciated.  In the case of our work there, your support made a huge
difference.  It took what might have just fizzled away into memories of a
good idea and made it a reality that is happening.  In other words, you were
the ones that played a huge part in making it happen.

As for Kelly, I can just imagine what it would mean to get a big boost of
support, not to mention the sense of worthwhileness and tangibility that it
brings to what at times can be a very mental abstract forum of discussion in
which we partake.  My memories remain very fond of the days when Rob
initiated all the support for Casas que Cantan.  It demonstrated just how
much good can come of a small group of people reaching into their pockets
and deciding to donate $25 etc and bypass an evening of entertainment or

So, rather than take cash donations to pay for books that we offered to
donate, we would rather still donate the books and see the money go to
either purchasing additional materials or forwarding to Kelly directly.

I know that it can seem a little repetitive and/or difficult to donate to
something especially when there have been similar requests in the past
(Casas que Cantan).  Rekindling the same amount of enthusiasm can be more
challenging.  However, I would suggest that such circumstances are a prime
opportunity to rise above the novelty of a good idea and do something that
requires a little bit of a stretch.  Those are the ones that are the most

I would really like to encourage everyone to send something, even if it
amounts to nothing more than a dollar bill (preferably U.S. and not
Canadian).  It's very easy to forget just how much abundance engulfs us and
how little the rest of the world has.