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GSBN:2nd Nebraska Straw Bale Conference

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2nd Nebraska Straw Bale Conference
A Weekend of Information Sharing, Learning, Networking
Sponsored by The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30, October 1, 2000
4-H Camp in Nebraska?s Sandhills, Nebraska National Forest, Halsey,

And...The Nebraska Bale Building Tour 2000
An Opportunity to Visit Nebraska?s Historic Bale Buildings and New Straw
Bale Structures
Wednesday, September 27 and Tuesday, October 3
This is a self-guided tour
?  Some of the historic bale buildings and new straw bale homes and
buildings will be open to the general public and conference participants
prior to and after the conference dates
 Most of the new bale buildings are scattered in locations east of
Halsey; all but one of the historic buildings are located west of
Halsey.  Because of the distances between locations, the number of
buildings you can visit on the tour dates may be limited.  Select those
you want to visit from the tour guide book
If you plan to go on the tour, please request a tour guide book at the
time you send in your preregistration form.  This will allow us time to
mail the guide book to you along with travel information
The tour guide book gives directions to the sites, building or project
description, photograph, and contact person
A host will be available at each location to share information and
answer questions at each site
You may call the host designated at each location if you need travel
advice or other  assistance
You will be asked to make a freewill donation at each location you
visit.  Donations  will be used to cover expenses of the host and SBAN
Note:   A few of the historic Nebraska bale buildings may not be
accessible in the future.  This may be an only chance to view these
monuments to pioneer ingenuity.

Friday, September 29

Morning Sessions
? Presentations and Discussion
Exploring New Markets for Straw and Ag Fiber   (strawboard, bale blocks,
hemp blocks and   other alternatives)
? Presentation I -  Sustainable Building Materials
? Presentation II - Bamboo and the Possibilities of Its Use in the U.S.
Darrel DeBoer, California Architect, author of journal and magazine
articles on bamboo and contributor to the book, Alternative
Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods

Afternoon Sessions
? Presentation I -  Building Codes - Straw Bale and  Beyond
? Presentation II - Some Lessons Learned, and How to Report and Share
that Information
David Eisenberg, Director, Development Center for Appropriate
Technology, Tucson, Arizona
? Owner-Builder Seminar -  Sharing Experiences and Knowledge, Talking
about the Process   Moderators:  Scott & Patty Angel, Spencer, Nebraska,
Straw Bale Builders

Evening Sessions
? Welcome, Introductions
? Presentation - Nebraska Research & Journeys - Matts Myhrman and Judy
Knox, Pioneers of Modern-Day Straw Bale Construction Revival, founders
of Out-On-Bale and The Last Straw Journal, 1st Nebraska Straw Bale

? Sentiments & Socializing - Everyone Is Invited to a Reunion of the
Participants of 1st Nebraska Straw Bale Conference, who will share their
thoughts and photographs on How We Got to Here From There and Other

Saturday, September 30

Morning Sessions
? Presentation -  Testing Results & Report -  Jeff Ruppert, Odisea
Engineering, Planning & Design, Boulder, CO
? Plenary Address - Fulfilling the Promise Straw Bale Construction Holds
Out to Us
Judy Knox, Tucson, Arizona, Teacher, Researcher, Author, Organizer,
Inspirational Leader
? Presentation - Retrofitting with Straw Bales  - Matts Mhyrman, Tucson,
Arizona, Co-author of Building With Bales; Revival Leader, Workshops,

Afternoon Sessions
? Presentation I -  New Bale Wall Design Concept
? Presentation II - Straw Bale House in Rhodes, Greece
Chris Stafford, Architect, Seattle, Washington
? Presentation I -  Texas Retrofit Project
? Presentation II -  Adobe in Peru
 Frank Meyer, Thangmaker Construction, Austin, Texas
 ? Presentations & Discussion - Straw Bale and Steel Framing
Straw bale builders using steel and company representatives talking
about methods and  materials

Evening Sessions
? Presentations -  Straw Bale in Northern Climates
Chris Magwood, Camel?s Back SB Construction, Canada, and co-author of
the book, The Straw Bale Building: How to Plan, Design & Build with
Straw Bale
? Discussion -  The Future of SBAN, The Formation of Mid-America SBA, A
National SB Organization?
? Campfire Social - Special Entertainment

Sunday, October 1

Morning Sessions
? Ask the Experts - Open Forum - Ask questions of   the experts on any
Moderator:  Mark Piepkorn, The Last Straw Journal, Expert Currently In
? Presentation -  Building with Salvage and  Indigenous Materials
Carl Schreiner, Schreiner Construction Company, Eagle, Nebraska, Straw
Bale Builder, Timber Framer, Craftsman
? Presentation -  Westcott/Laher House:  Straw Bale and Site Specificity
or  Diagrams and Digressions
Jeffrey L. Day, Min/Day Architecture, San Francisco and Omaha, UN-L
School of Architecture Hyde Chair

Afternoon Sessions
? Silent Auction Winners Announcements at Lunch
? Presentation -   Straw Bale & Habitat for  Humanity - Owen Geiger,
Straw Bale Builder, Colorado Springs, Colorado
? Presentation I -  European Straw Bale Tour
? Presentation II - Builders Without Borders - Catherine Wanek,
Kingston, New Mexico; Black Range Films, Managing Editor, The Last Straw
Journal; Builders Without Borders
? Open Forum -  New Trends, The Next Steps, More Research
Moderator:  Matts Mhyrman, Currently Experimenting in Building Vaults
with Straw Bale
? Conference Closing & Wrap-up
? Dinner

Conference Notes
?   Meeting space limited to 200
A lift is available for those needing special accommodations rather than
stairway access
A video viewing room located on the second floor of the lodge will be
available throughout the conference
A silent auction, displays and exhibits will be set up and available in
the dining room of the lodge throughout the conference
This is not a family event.  Child care and accommodations are not
available.  No pets allowed

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  September 15, 2000
? Pre-registration
Each person attending the conference must fill out a registration form
Late fee of $10 will be charged for registration requests received after
the September 15 deadline or if you register and pay at the conference
We cannot guarantee you a room if you register at the conference, so we
recommend you pre-register!
Payment must accompany your registration form.  SBAN does not take
credit cards.  Checks and Money Orders will be accepted.  No cash,
please!  Fees are not refundable.

? Sleeping spaces limited to 168 in cabins
Cabins will be assigned in the order registrations are received
All beds are single bunk beds -  Dormitory cabins hold 20 people -
Divided cabin with two rooms, each having four beds are available
? Bed and bath linens are provided at a $10 per person fee -    Or you
may bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows, towels

Please fill out this registration form for each person who plans to
attend and send it to SBAN with your payment.



City____________________________State ______  Zip ________

Telephone (day and evening)

Fax & or E-mail

Registration Fee:  $25.00 per person per day
       Friday  $_____________
       Saturday $_____________
       Sunday $_____________

Total     $_____________

Lodging: $15 per person per night
4-H Camp Cabins are equipped with bunk beds, showers, restrooms
Please specify: Women?s cabin    Men?s cabin    Couple?s cabin
If you have special access needs, you may ask for space in the Staff
Cabin. Extra Charge
The Nebraska National Forest Campground at Halsey is also available.
Contact the U.S. Forest Service: 308.533.2285
     Thursday night  $_____________
     Friday night  $_____________
     Saturday night  $_____________
Sunday night lodging may not be available.  Please be prepared to make
other reservations for this night.

Total     $_____________

Bed & Bath Linens:  One time charge - $10 per person
You may bring your own bedding and bath linens

Let us know  if you prefer Vegetarian Menu
Charge for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks per person each
day is included in cost.
 Total per person per day = $22.00
       Friday  $_____________
       Saturday $_____________
       Sunday $_____________

Total     $_____________

  TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR CONFERENCE           $_____________

Please make check or money order payable to SBAN.
Mail to:  SBAN, 2110 South 33rd Street, Lincoln NE 68506-6001

I plan to tour Nebraska?s bale buildings.  Please send a Tour Guide Book

If you have questions, need more information or assistance in making
arrangements to attend, please contact:

Joyce Coppinger
Re:Build Associates and
The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska
Bill Christensen

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