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AW: GSBN:RR21 discussion group

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Betreff: GSBN:RR21 discussion group

Joyce Coppinger thought this might be appropriate for the European
strawbalers.  Forwarded from another list.


Some members of this egroup may be interested in a new egroup on
Rural Renewal in Europe for the 21st Century. There are currently
approximately 70 subscribers, mainly in the UK, Netherlands and
Finland. I am hoping to increase this number to 250 by January 2001.
I appreciate that the inst-change egroup is focussed more on North
American agricultural change, but I'm sure we have some similar
problems in common.

Check out the Home Page at:


There are already some links and "news" articles (including some of
origin!). There is also a poll and a couple of databases which I hope
will be used by subscribers.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Caroline Stanford-Billington
Owner / moderator RR21 egroup
Harper Adams University College

end forward

Bill Christensen

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