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GSBN:Strawbale contacts in chile

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 Hello to all,
 Bee Rowan has just come back from Mongolia and sends this message.
 Best wishes, Barbara

 Needed - contacts for current straw bale builders or projects in Chile;
 contacts for any known projects that may benefit from straw bale
involvement and comments on the following.

 I have just returned from Mongolia where as part of Raleigh International,
we built 2 ten bed, 21 roomed straw bale health clinics in rural areas,
together with the local community.  This project is a direct result of Kelly
Lerner's involvement in Mongolia, firstly with ADRA and then through the United
Nations Development Programme.
 Raleigh International (RI) is a youth development charity with the primary
 objective of empowering young people from both the UK and internationally,
 through personal growth in challenging and unique experiences in
developing countries. Twenty percent of the expedition venturers are local to the
host country, funded and equipped by Raleigh.  RI generally works with NGOs in
the host country, focusing on environmental and community projects.  The
 expedition leader in Mongolia, Malcolm Sutherland, established this
exciting, ambitious community project, working in partnership with UNDP under a
scheme for the alleviation of poverty, and the promotion of energy efficiency,
and these first two clinics were the pilot buildings for a further 34 clinics.
RI will be building a total of 12 of these clinics in the next 4 years, based
on 2 clinics per expedition.  The buildings have been jointly financed by RI
and UNDP, and the work is,undertaken by the venturers under the supervision
and training of Raleigh volunteer staff,  and by local people, working on a
mutual transference of skills and building traditions and promoting the use of
straw as a viable and accessible material.
 Malcolm is now the new expedition leader for Raliegh in Chile, where the
 current community projects lack creativity and potential, and he is
 particulary interested in creating the opportunity to use straw again in
 establishing equally exciting, new community projects in consultation with
 NGOs/local communities.  Malcolm has vision and committment, but is new to
 Chile and open to ideas. The projects will continue for at least 4 years,
so this is potentially a great opportunity  for innovative, creative, straw
bale building projects.  Anyone with contacts, ideas or relevant information
should get in touch with Malcolm as soon as possible on mjgsutherland@...
 with a copy to me at beerowan@...And feel free to contact me if
you  need or want any further information.  Many thanks.  Bee.

 Amazon Nails. Strawbale building, training, consultancy, empowerment.

Bill Christensen

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