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GSBN:A person-search regarding Mongolia.

Iâm sitting in Raleigh Internationalâs office in London, figuring out whether Iâd like to be one of their SB builders in 2001.

Because of this I need your advice> if I go to Mongolia I want to spend some energy trying to inform / enlighten the right people (UNDP persons I think) as to alter the buildings towards being more sustainable. (primarily less wood, less cement).

I am interested in knowing, what input the Mongolian delegation got while in the USA. Was there a distinct focus on earth-plasters and loadbearing, as opposed to cement-plasteres and non-loadbearing.
Who would know.

Is someone already focusing on this topic.

Via this email I want to find the people, with whom I shold be discussing this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Lars Keller

Blaabjergvej 2
7280 Sdr. Felding
Mobile 0045 2024 0505

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