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GSBN:Forward from Germany: Strawbale construction

>From: OekoDorf@...
>Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 09:08:23 EST
>Subject: Strawbale construction
>To: duckchow@...
>X-Mailer: Windows AOL sub 110
>Hi Mark,
>we are here in Germany a bit far from where it really happens. However, we 
>are really interested in this kind of construction.
>First of all videos. Could you mail us some connections/adresses? We have in 
>mind  doing a German video, may be out of American ones. For this we need 
>permission of the authors, producers and so on.
>I did a bit of this construction this year at an agricultural fair relatet
>the World Expo in Hannover, pictures of this you can see on my homepage 
>Looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards and thanks in advance,
>Rolf Brinkmann

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