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Re: GSBN:carbon sequestering

G'day Lads and Lassies

Just feel that we need to explore this issue a lot more as the potential to do some real good in the eyes of the politicians here down under is
being able to sequeste as much carbon as possible.  You all know that Australia is going against the Kyoto 96 agreement on emissions and that they
want to increase emissions.  Our Minister (Secreatry of the environment) has stated that as we have so many trees we should not have to comply to
Kyoto 96, as we sequeste so much carbon in our forests.  yet Queensland our largest state clear felled some 800,000 hectares of bush last year for
agricultural purposes!!! AND so on.

So once again I pass on the question how much carbon does a bale of straw weighing say 25 kgs sequeste???  I have some figures suggesting about 12.5
kgs of carbon is locked up in a standard bale any advances on 50% by weight.

To avoid embodied energy, resource depletion and inherrent pollution in cement use earthen renders, they do pump on well!!!

Kindest regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 697 6027