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Re: GSBN:carbon sequestering

Hi folks,

I am very interested in sb and carbon sequestering. Its my understanding that 
ADRA is receiving international carbon credits for the sb buildings they are 
constructing in Mongolia and China.  I will give Maitland DiPinto in the MD, 
ADRA office a call and see what info is available.  Others on the list may 
have more direct ADRA contacts.

The State of NJ DEP has a very ambitious plan to cut green house gas 
emissions 15% by 2005, 50% of that reduction from residential housing.  With 
some conclusive evidence of sb as a sink my argument for sb in NJ would be 
that much more convincing.

Also there are some proposed national policy initiatives on carbon reduction 
credits that are directly linked to tax credits.  I believe these initiatives 
are to be incorporated as part of the National Home Energy Rating system.

Looking forward to continuing this exploration.

Peace and Blessings,

Darren Port, Director
New Jersey Green Homes Office

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Division of Housing and Community Resources
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Trenton, NJ 08625-0800

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