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GSBN:Tucson/Pima SB Codes

Recently submitted to CREST's Strawbale List:

[snipped & pasted]

Pima AZ code requires plastic sheeting on the first >course of bales.

But (oddly enough) (the Building Inspector) did want to >verify that we had put the rebar pins in the walls.

As was mentioned recently to Bruce, King of Sausalito, in the development of SB technology, SB time is like dog time, where 1 year in SB time is like 7 years Miller time (or Lowenbrau time, for the Euro-peein's).

While the Pima code *was* a giant step forward for SB w-a-a-a-y back when it was written-up by Matts and DEsert David (what, 5 years ago ?), clearly many of the items (like the two quoted above) seem as though they were written at a time when SB builders were just developing opposable digits on their paws. (I suspect that this fact has been a thorn in Matts' and DE's sides since Day 2)

The thing is, while Pima Code (PC) may seem archaic to us who are Wise in Hindsight, in many parts of the world where SBC is just entering into the public consciousness, the PC will still be viewed as "state of the art" and the likelihood that it will be used as an example for the codes in those jurisdictions is, uh, likely ?

DE mentioned the other day that he would do anything to to shut me up.

Well, if that offer was sincere, he could march right on down to those Code Boys at Pima and tell them to re-write the code to eliminate the requirements for things like tonnes of steel rebar pounded into the core of the bales (in favour of more materially-efficient external stabilising systems) and vapour-impermeable sheet membranes applied beneath the SB skins, an idea which is just plain scary.

Of course, I realise that DE is always sincere and that his other Code Battles may prevent him from taking the time to grok with the Pima CodeBoys again, no matter how badly he wants to shut me up.

So, I suppose the question is "Is there anyone (or group)who has stepped into DE's shoes to update the Pima Code ?"
[starting a chant]

         Pima Code
         Has got to go !

One last word before *I* go:
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