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GSBN:thank you & discovery of strawbale homes from the 1930's in Melbourne, Australia

Hi everyone,
sorry for the delay with my thank you to everyone at GSBN for supporting my
membership. However, it comes from my heart and I am looking forward to all
future correspondence with GSBN. I had some trouble sending mail to the list
due to format differences. If any of you got the thank you message before
please excuse the repetition and hopefully I found the right way to mail to
GSBN now.

An exiting discovery of seven residential strawbale houses in Melbourne,
Australia, which were all built in the 1930's has been made. Alan Gray,
editor of the new Earthgarden book "Strawbale Homebuilding" and editor of
the Earth Garden magazine discovered this by accident while conducting a
radio interview on strawbale building with ABC radio Australia. An old man
rang the radio station to ask why Alan did not mention the seventy years old
strawbale houses in Melbourne. Apparantly the first of these houses was
built next to a suburbian railway station in order to advertise itself and
provide more orders for the builder, how clever. Six more strawbale houses
were built after this and I can't wait to get more detailed information
about these. Alan showed some slides of these houses, they looked in great
shape and as soon as he manages to find out more about this forgotten bale
structures he hopes to get an article into The Last Straw. Hope this knews
is interesting to people outside of Australia, until now we were under the
impression that strawbale building in Australia is a very recent development
and became more popular only around the last five years. Well, you just
never know what's out there.
Cheers, happy baling, Frank Thomas