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GSBN:Help for an Austrian?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Martin, Lars, etc -

	Maybe you have some regionally-specific information to help this guy. He
does seem well in touch with greenbuilding overall based on the website he
referenced in his email, but also seems to recognize a need for more
specific info about SB.

	I do hope he comes to Build Here Now (
http://www.strawhomes.com/build/here/now.html )... there's been requests
for information from all over the USA as well as Australia, Japan, Canada,
Hungary, Belgium, Israel, Argentina, and maybe other countries as well.
(It's hard to tell sometimes where people are by their email address.)


From: Erwin Schwarzmüller  
Subject: Please put me on the BHN2001 mailing list 

Hi this is erwin Schwarzmüller DI Arch. from Austria. Recently i´m plannig
a small housing project near vienna as Passive solar heated house,
including massive walls with straw insulation on the outside. 
Since I also entered this project in a research fund programm (
http://www.hausderzukunft.at ) i would like to  profit from the longer
experience with straw buildings in the U.S.. Hope to meet you in june
yours sincere
Erwin Schwarzmüller DI
Consultant: passivehouse, urban ecology, sustainable productdevelopment
Lerchenfelderstraße 61/2/7
A-1070 Vienna Austria
Tel/Fax.:+43 (0)1-956 8654
Mob.: +43 (0) 1956 8654


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