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Hello all,

Chris Magwood, Canadian co-author of the new "Straw Bale Building' book has generously offered to guest edit an upcoming issue of TLS. He is requesting submissions from SB professionals such as yourself. The latest issue of TLS, on "Cold Climates," is going in the mail tomorrow, where you will read a few submissions from Chris.

Below is his query. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Happy Holidays!
Catherine Wanek, Managing Editor
The Last Straw Journal
PS -- If you have something great to submit about Plasters, contact me asap, as we're putting THAT issue together in January.......

Dear Straw Bale Builder,

My name is Chris Magwood, and I am going to be guest editor for the spring issue of The Last Straw Journal. The theme I've chosen for the issue is "My Favourite Detail" (or maybe "God is in the Details", or more conservatively, "Good Straw Bale Detailing"). Whatever the title of the issue, the point is this: Straw bale builders need to be sure that our buildings are well detailed, so that every example that's built is an excellent example, and free from the moisture, structural and cosmetic problems that sometimes haunt bale projects. The focus of the issue will be well-illustrated articles outlining specific architectural details and/or field practices that are simple, cost-effective and that make our buildings sound for the long term. Because the readership of The Last Straw varies from seasoned professionals to first-time builders, I hope to include a range of "basic" details, and a number of practices and/or concepts aimed
at "professional" bale builders.

This issue is intended to be hands-on helpful, so anything that's worked well for you and may be of help to others is worth contributing. Topics can range from the small-but-helpful (eg. what style windows do you commonly use, and how do you finish the plaster around them, or what's the best way to attach and stitch mesh to the wall) to overviews of a complete building "system". Illustrations and/or photos will be important, so please let me know how you'd like to see your article illustrated.

If you have an idea for a contribution, please let me know as soon as possible. I can be reached in the following ways:

email: cmagwood@...
phone: 613-473-1718
mail: Chris Magwood, RR#3, 2648 Cooper Rd., Madoc, ON K0K 2K0, Canada

The issue goes to layout in March, 2001, so please get in touch as soon in the new year as possible. Remember, well-built straw bale buildings help us all in our efforts to promote the idea, so share your knowledge with others and help make this "Details" issue helpful and useful to the entire straw bale community!

Chris Magwood

Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction