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GSBN:An inquiry from Estonia

Hi all,

I wanted to share this message I received and suggest that perhaps after 
a bit more exploration, we might want to consider allowing Mikk to join 
the GSBN. Meanwhile, I think it would be good if some of the European and 
Scandanavian members could contact him. I have written back to him and 
will also explore things, but I thought GSBN might be a natural for him 
and CEET and what it appears they are interested in trying to do.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

David Eisenberg

Subject:      contact
Sent:        12/19/00 9:07 AM
From:   mikk@...(Mikk Suursild)
To: strawnet@...

Dear David Eisenberg,  

I was looking for information about the straw bale construction and 
constructors and got your e-mail address from Joyce Coppinger ReBuild 
Associates and The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska.
The reason for contact is, that I would like to get more information 
about your work, especially in field of straw bale and other sustainable 
material use in constructions.
Currently I work quite similar organization here- in Estonia (locating 
near Scandinavia). It calls Centre of Ecological Engineering Tartu 
(CEET). We do work on  treatment wetland systems, organic farming 
ecological building  and sustainable heating systems. My subject is 
ecological building.
Our organization -CEET was established in 1992 in cooperation with 
Estonian, Swiss and German partners (as non-profit). At the moment, we  
do run several research and development projects together with 12 
persons. We do have working contacts to State Universities in Estonia. 
The centre serves also as a place for practice for students.
Recently, we have started quite intensive research and development work 
in field of sustainable construction material use. The testing during the 
last 3 years show good results: we do use local clay, wood ships, 
cat-tail, reed biomass ect. The very good results has showed up e.g clay 
plaster mix with cat-tail seed fiber.
Currently, we started straw-bale research project in co-operation with 
Agricultural University. This cheap resource is well accessible in 
Estonia and we hope to work out good housing concept during the next 3 
years period. This is actually  point where I would be very thankful if 
you are willing to share some experiences or study results. We are open 
for any kind of information or experiences exchange from our side
We look forward to get reply from you.

With regards,
Mikk Suursild

Centre for Ecological Engineering Tartu (CEET)
J.V.Jannseni 4
51005 Tartu, ESTONIA
Ph: +372 7 422051 
Fax: +372 7 422746

David Eisenberg - Director
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 27513 - Tucson, Arizona 85726-7513 USA
(520) 624-6628, (520) 798-3701 Fax
strawnet@...(direct personal e-mail)

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