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G ' day Fellow Straw Balers around the world

To all of you on the lists just a short note to say thanks for all the
help and advice over the year, been some interesting topics and as a
whole we are a pretty cool mob!

2001 beckons and with it an ever increasing awareness around the globe
of straw bale and sustainable building, we must maintain the commitment
as Judy Knox so eloquently portrays with her talk on the letter C.

Wonderful things are happening just as Masanobua Fukuoka wrote in the
One Straw Revolution and quoted in The Straw Bale House book by you know
who.   The threads of straw that are joining us all together are
becoming even stronger and soon will form a very strong and unbreakable
rope that will encircle the world.  We must all be ever vigilant that we
build these things right with the environment as our first priority.
>From the small but essential Casa que Cantan, 800 square feet, to the
larger mansions, we are all contributing to locking away carbon and
preventing the burning of that straw.  That alone is a big step forward
in our thinking.  We must keep the pressure on our politicians so that
the so called Western world can follow the great example of the work
being done in Mongolia, Belarus and so on.  Carbon Credits are still a
way to get to our politicians especially the ones from Australia and the
USA who have between them almost sunk the Kyoto protocol of 96.  Shame
on them and time we told them so, I certainly will when it come time to
vote for a new Aussie Governement in 2001.

I make no apologies for speaking my mind over the past year and I make
no apologies for what I may have to say this coming year, 2001, don't
forget the delete key is always your best friend, when needed.  I will
keep promoting Golden Ganmain Chaff, earth and straw and unashamedly do
so.  Those of us lucky enough to live in a small country village know
how important it is to keep that village alive, because for me there is
no better way to live than in a community that cares for each other.

There have been many personal emails from a whole bunch of you and I
promise to reply when I have had a few beers and seen my Grandchildren
and Children for Christmas but this African Scottish Aussie gets a bit
confused about this time of year on his spiritual path and is doing a
lot of reading.  So to all of you wonderful people on these two straw
bale lists Happy Holidays and 'talk' to you in 2001 SPACE Odyssey.
Straw People Are Choosing Earth (to render with).  I had better have a
beer get some sleep and get to Sydney.

See you all round the Furphy tank for a yarn or two in 2001.

The Straw Wolf

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