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Re: GSBN:An inquiry from Estonia


As I understand Mikk is exactly the type of person who should be on the GSBN
list. So I surely second him joining GSBN. I also second your suggestion
that the Scandinavians get in contact with him.

Besides I would also suggest that you join the crest list

Rene Dalmeijer
Mikk may I suggest you have a look at the links on my website

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Date: Saturday, December 23, 2000 1:42 AM
Subject: GSBN:An inquiry from Estonia

>Hi all,
>I wanted to share this message I received and suggest that perhaps after
>a bit more exploration, we might want to consider allowing Mikk to join
>the GSBN. Meanwhile, I think it would be good if some of the European and
>Scandanavian members could contact him. I have written back to him and
>will also explore things, but I thought GSBN might be a natural for him
>and CEET and what it appears they are interested in trying to do.
>Happy Holidays to everyone!
>David Eisenberg
>Subject:      contact
>Sent:        12/19/00 9:07 AM
>From:   mikk@...(Mikk Suursild)
>To: strawnet@...
>Dear David Eisenberg,
>I was looking for information about the straw bale construction and
>constructors and got your e-mail address from Joyce Coppinger ReBuild
>Associates and The Straw Bale Association of Nebraska.
>The reason for contact is, that I would like to get more information
>about your work, especially in field of straw bale and other sustainable
>material use in constructions.
>Currently I work quite similar organization here- in Estonia (locating
>near Scandinavia). It calls Centre of Ecological Engineering Tartu
>(CEET). We do work on  treatment wetland systems, organic farming
>ecological building  and sustainable heating systems. My subject is
>ecological building.
>Our organization -CEET was established in 1992 in cooperation with
>Estonian, Swiss and German partners (as non-profit). At the moment, we
>do run several research and development projects together with 12
>persons. We do have working contacts to State Universities in Estonia.
>The centre serves also as a place for practice for students.
>Recently, we have started quite intensive research and development work
>in field of sustainable construction material use. The testing during the
>last 3 years show good results: we do use local clay, wood ships,
>cat-tail, reed biomass ect. The very good results has showed up e.g clay
>plaster mix with cat-tail seed fiber.
>Currently, we started straw-bale research project in co-operation with
>Agricultural University. This cheap resource is well accessible in
>Estonia and we hope to work out good housing concept during the next 3
>years period. This is actually  point where I would be very thankful if
>you are willing to share some experiences or study results. We are open
>for any kind of information or experiences exchange from our side
>We look forward to get reply from you.
>With regards,
>Mikk Suursild
>Centre for Ecological Engineering Tartu (CEET)
>J.V.Jannseni 4
>51005 Tartu, ESTONIA
>Ph: +372 7 422051
>Fax: +372 7 422746
>David Eisenberg - Director
>Development Center for Appropriate Technology
>P.O. Box 27513 - Tucson, Arizona 85726-7513 USA
>(520) 624-6628, (520) 798-3701 Fax
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