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RE: GSBN:Skinny Canadian Kid

I would feel a lot better is Chris were here holding up the Canadian end of
things.  As we build critical mass on this list, it may become more useful
to all.

John Straube
Civil Engineering Dept and School of Architecture
University of Waterloo
T: 519 888 4015 		F: 519 888 6197

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From:	Mark Piepkorn [mailto:duckchow@sustainablesources.com]
Sent:	Thursday, January 18, 2001 9:08 AM
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Subject:	GSBN:Skinny Canadian Kid

	Don't we have Chris Magwood in here yet? If not, I think we probably
ought. Or maybe he did get enrolled but there just haven't been any posts.
Besides the stuff he mentions below, he's co-author of that fat book Straw
Bale Building: How To Plan, Design, And Build With Straw and has about a
thousand articles in the current issue of TLS. (Well, not really a

>From: Chris Magwood cmagwood@...
>Subject: subscribe
>Hello GSBN,
>I'm wondering if there's room on your list for one skinny Canadian kid? I
>don't take up much space, and I'm guest editing an upcoming TLS issue, and
>thought it would be helpful to know what's going on behind the scenes on
>Chris Magwood
>Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction


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