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Re: GSBN:Skinny Canadian Kid and other additions

Mark P.  wrote:
        Don't we have Chris Magwood in here yet? If not, I think we probably
ought. ........Besides the stuff he mentions below, he's co-author of that fat book Straw
Bale Building: How To Plan, Design, And Build With Straw and has about a
thousand articles in the current issue of TLS. (Well, not really a

Like Mark, somehow I thought that Chris Magwood was already on the GSBN.... he should definitely be added, and I have no doubt will be a great asset! Bill, thanks for taking care of this!

Mark, have you added any of the recent folks we've discussed?  I haven't....

Besides Chris Magwood, cmagwood@... (who I'll add in a moment) there was:

mikk@...(Mikk Suursild)  (suggested by David Eisenberg)

tsend nyamiin tsend_nyam@...
Otgonbayar augieg5@...
Scott Christiansen adra@... (all suggested by Kelly Lerner)

And there may have been others that I missed. I did get Frank and I think there was one other recent addition. Maybe it's time for a roll call and some introductions, so the new additions know what they've gotten themselves into. We could wait on that until after the above five are on board.

One reason I didn't do the honors is that I don't have a prepared email saying what GSBN is and that they've been invited to join the crowd (I don't like adding people to a list without their permission - with the exception of Rob Tom, who was drafted without his consent). And I haven't had time to write a decent one. If one of you would be willing to do that, please shoot it over to me and I'll post it to the above people and save it for future nominees. Or you can post it to them yourself - I'm all for sharing the work ;-) Just let the gang know that it's been done.

Bill Christensen

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