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Re: GSBN:Skinny Canadian Kid and other additions

	Ugh. Bill and I are like those mall people in Dawn Of The Dead. I am,
anyway. As his lovely bride taught me, "O Many Pod-men, Om."

At 02:20 AM 1/19/01 -0500, Bill C wrote:
>I don't have a prepared email saying what GSBN is and that 
>they've been invited to join...

	Here's something. It's open for editing. No response to the list means
it's OK. If you'd like it changed in any way, send me or Bill an email.

* * * * *

You've been nominated by _______________________ to join the Global Straw
Building Network (GSBN). Please read this email and reply to me if you wish
to join.

The GSBN is a small email list composed of representatives of regional
organizations and other non-affiliated key individuals involved in the
general advancement of straw-bale and other straw-use building materials
and techniques. The intentionally small number of members range from highly
experienced professionals to well informed laypeople.

The GSBN was conceived as hub of communication: each member of the list
intended to be a conduit, conveying the material posted to the list to
their respective organizations and communities... and in the same way
sharing applicable material from their organizations and communities with
the GSBN.

It's a dual-function device. First, as a somewhat mundane information
sharing forum of a principally organizational and clerical nature; second,
and more exciting, as a thinktank about infrastructure and large issues -
as opposed (in both functions) to a basic how-to forum, which already
exists elsewhere.

However, we don't play hard-and-fast to any particular set of rules. For
example, it's entirely within the scope of this body to discuss ideas that
could represent significant changes in best practices before disseminating
them as a thoroughly considered presentation in more widely attended and -
without wanting to sound demeaning - typically less knowledgeable forums.

In practice, the GSBN is very lightly trafficked with only occasional
announcements, referrals, tidbits, and questions. Sometimes a month or more
might go by with nothing from the list. It might be considered an
under-utilization, but the really important thing is that if and when a
truly vital need for this forum occurs, we're here and we're ready. In the
meantime, don't be timid about making appropriate use of it.

The costs of operating the list have lately been underwritten by The Last
Straw Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an advisory board and
technical editing arm.

* * * * *

>Maybe it's time for a roll call and some introductions, so the 
>new additions know what they've gotten themselves into.  We could 
>wait on that until after the above five are on board.

	Probably a good idea. A list of members and anything they want to add by
their names could be maintained and appended to the introductory email
(above). I submit mine below, which can also be surgically edited to remove
my tongue from its cheekiness if such a procedure is covered by the GSBN
health plan.

* * * * *

Mark Piepkorn, AKA M J Epko. Ex-editor of The Last Straw; strawbale gadfly.
Somehow managed to get his name on the cover of the book Serious Straw
Bale, which is about as incongruous as the palm trees by the pyramids on a
pack of Camels.

* * * * *

>Mark, have you added any of the recent folks we've discussed?
>I haven't...

	Me neither. I think I hallucinated that you told me that you'd do it - and
I don't remember how anymore anyway, to be honest. I could dig out the
instructions from my back-up email files. (Back-up email files? What kind
of an anal freak am I?)

>I don't like adding people to a list without their permission 
>- with the exception of Rob Tom

	I don't have any reason for requoting that.


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