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GSBN:Straw windows

Debra Lombard of Steven Winter Associates, Building Systems "Conultants"
[sic], http://www.swinter.com deblombard@... forwarded this
little notice to the CREST list:


Crestline ( http://www.crestlineonline.com ) has introduced Earthgard, an
environmentally-friendly window component engineered from straw fibers,
North America's largest renewable resource. This fiberboard contains only
non-toxic resins, is dimensionally stable, and will not warp.


>From http://www.crestlineonline.com/whatsnew/earthgard.html

"Earthgard is a premium-engineered fiberboard made from North America's
largest renewable resource, straw fibers. The board is produced by mixing
straw fibers with non-toxic resins, resulting in a product that is
dimensionally stable and will not warp. Clear, natural wood grain veneers
are applied to the engineered fiberboard and possess the same aesthetics as
the company's popular veneered pine, with improved structural stability.
Crestline will begin converting extension jamb material to Earthgard in
early August and by the end of the year, all extension jamb material will
be produced with Earthgard."

(They're in Wisconsin.)


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