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Re: Halminsp: Design/arkitekt-konkurrence om Faktor 20-halm-byggeri.


This mail is an open question mark searching for good ideas in regard to getting the Danish (newly educated) architects involved in the low-tech sustainable scene.

During the next two winters I'll spend 1,5 months during each to

1) distribute information about the tests being performed atthemoment, as well as

2)  brake down barriers.

One thing Iâm thinking about spending some time on, is the obvious lacking participation of architects in general. As my time in this "business" hasnât brought me in contact with more than a very few architects Iâm seriously thinking about only focusing on my own generation. The new breed.

I have three aims:

I will try to take part in nursing/tempting the young architects into forming a network, maybe under the umbrella of L¯B (The National Organization for Ecological Building). (Which - by the way - soon will go through some interesting, major changes). A network based upon forming an internet based knowledge-sharing-function, and a real-world-application through bonding the architects with the pioneers.

I will try to find the mental barriers that make architects feel unsecure and unhappy about the sustainable low-tech scene of today.

I will try to bind the pioneer-architects of our foreign colleagues together with the chosen few in Denmark.

And I'll try to get some thoughts developed on the obvious money-problem: the fact that architects seem to be too expensive in Denmark for the owner-builder. (Although the owner-builder does engage with other consultants throughout his process).

The present situation is nearly, that we start on level zero.

Any good ideas ???

Best regards,

Lars Keller

Bl?bjergvej 2
7280 Sdr. Felding

0045-2024 0505

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From: "Anton Ryslinge" aryslinge@...
To: lars_keller@...
Subject: Re: Halminsp: Design/arkitekt-konkurrence om Faktor 20-halm-byggeri.
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 11:57:31

He Lars.
Jeg nyder stadig at f? alle mulige mails fra dig fra tid til anden, og denne her om en konkurrence om milj¿rigtigt byggeri i Holland lyder interssant. Men hvordan f?r jeg kontakt til disse fyre? Jeg formoder at der m? have v¾ret en afsender p? da du fik den mail du her har sendt videre. Har du stadig den?
Mange hilsner Anton, k¿benhavns arkitektskole.

From: "Lars Keller" lars_keller@...
Subject: Halminsp: Design/arkitekt-konkurrence om Faktor 20-halm-byggeri.
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 00:50:22

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