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GSBN:Siloxane, Oligomeric Polysiloxanes, Silanes and You

on 6 Feb 2001  blackrange@... wrote:

recent Canadian test report on stucco -- they endorsed a >product called Siloxane

I'm a Canadian but have never used the stuff in the belief that is probably more prudent to rely upon geometry rather than chemistry to protect a building from moisture ... probably due in large part to my not knowing what exactly the chemistry is and in another part, an innate fear of chemistry, period . (Like, too many bum trips in the past, man.)

A number (well, three anyway) of questions arise .

(a) Is the stuff safe enough to drink (or indirectly
   absorbed into the body when handling the stuff)?
   I suspect not, but just how safe or dangerous is the
   stuff compared to say, driving on an LA freeway in a
   democrat ?
    (aka "horse & buggy" for non Waterloo County folk)

   Silicone sealers usually have a skull and crossbones
   on the can so I'm guessing that siloxane sealers
    wouldn't be cat tea ?

(b) It appears that different manufacturers supply
  products of different concentrations.
   What solution is best for the job of sealing plaster
   on SB walls ?
    Would 6% do or should one use 15% solution only ?
  ( ie Does concentration matter ?)  Obviously the task
   of sealing pavement which sees heavy traffic will
   have  different criteria than the task of sealing a
   wall surface .

(c) Are some brand names preferable to others or is
   checking the solution a good enough assurance that
    the product will provide the protection desired ?
    ie A person recently asked if Xypex was a siloxane.

(d) Of the three (siloxane, oligomeric polysiloxanes,
    silanes) do we assume that siloxane is the better
    choice in terms of performance and environmental
    friendliness (and cost, I suppose) ?
    If not, is there some reason (other than lack of
   funding) why the other two  weren't considered for
   testing  ?

(e) Is WatJohn the only person on this List who can
   answer these questions ? If so, looks like WatJohn
   could make some pretty serious ransom demands here.

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