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GSBN:email/web address update

Hi Folks,

Wanted to take a moment and inform you that DCAT will be officially
terminating its service on our old email account (dcat@azstarnet.com) which
will be updated to info@...

Our old website (www.azstarnet.com/~dcat) will also be shut down and moved to
www.dcat.net. This site is being overhauled completely, so please forgive the
occasional downtime, clutter and confusion.

There will be a short transition period where these old addresses will still
forward, but we're making no promises! Please adjust your address books and
update any embedded links in your referring sites so we don't lose anyone.
Try as we may, David Eisenberg and I will probably be keeping our strawnet
and anovelli addresses on AOL for some time, or you can push into changing
over faster at david@...,  and tony@...

Thanks for helping make this transition as smooth as possible! Feel free to
e-mail me if you have any difficulties reaching us our our site.

Best wishes,

Tony Novelli
Project Manager
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 27513
Tucson, Arizona 85726-7513 USA
(520) 624-6628
(520) 798-3701 Fax
<A HREF="http://www.dcat.net";>http://www.dcat.net</A>
Bill Christensen

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