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GSBN:Who is learning how to put out sb-fires ???

Dear GSBN and ESBN colleagues.

We have now experienced two fires in sb-houses in Denmark. It is the second one that holds my question to you:

The first one was a result of a pyroman. On a Friday evening, after a full and intense week of building a 60m2 house for the students at a pedagogical institute, with everything in order – except for the plaster – it was obviously too tempting. According to the firemen it was a really nice fire to clean up after: nothing left, but for some metal and a melted window. (Just to finish this story off: the material costs were so low, that the insurance in realithy wasn’t worth anything. But the school-director was as cool as the students and the instructor: they dove right into a new building period. The simply build the same building again. Only better and faster. It’s become a very nice, simple building, using prefab scissor-trusses that go all the way from the foundation to the top of the roof. Very fast. It’ll probably be the first in a row of this type in Denmark).

The second one was caused by a candle igniting a tarp covering an unfinished skylight-hole, which then again got onto the roof-insulation, which consisted of un-plastered bales !!! (yes, your eyes didn’t betray you).

To cut the story short: - the fire spread slowly, but also loose straw had been used, also without being plastered !!!! - the fire department could not open the metalroof, and therefore used heavy machinery to tear it apart, after having waited for the machine for quite awhile. - they moved the burning bales, destroyed some parts of the healthy wooden construction, and poured water all over. - Having taken a closer look afterwards it seems very likely, that they could have left it all to itself: the fire didn’t spread downwards, where it was blocked by the gypsum-fire-brake. - floors, internal unburned brickwalls, external sb-walls are all destroyed.

And now the interesting part: We are trying to set up a ”learning vehicle”, from which the fire-departments can learn to put out sb-fires, and sb-owner-builders can learn how to make a roof, or at least how not to.

Step 1 A thorough report in the national fire-inspector-magazine. Including info about case-stories and parallel educational projects from abroad

Step 2 finding funding for a down-scaled full scale fire test being undertaken by the Association of fire-men and the National Institute for Fire Research.

Step 3 Dessiminating the knowledge springing from this.

My question to you is:

Do you know of connections/ links/ persons/ cases/ etc. that could help me, especially for point 1 ?

Yours Sincerely Lars Keller +45 2024 0505

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