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Re: GSBN:Who is learning how to put out sb-fires ???

Lars keep me posted. On these incidents.

I am trying to build up a database on SB fire incidents. As yet it is still
just meagre 2 incidents occuring in finished buildings. Most fires I have
read about are during building. Which seems to be the dangerous period.

My conclusion until sofar is that fire hazard is a very good reason to
stoccu as soon as possible. Another is that occupying a SB house with
unstuccoed inners wall surfaces is dangerous.

I hope to put up the details I have soon. As soon as I find the time to set
up a good page format for SB fire incedent reports on my website.

I am thinking of the following format:

When and where it occured

Brief description of the fire

Possble cause

How was the fire dealt with: ie Fireman, let it burn out, etc.

State of the building ie occupied, completed in construction

Loss in $, scope of the damage

Lessons learned

Rene Dalmeijer