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GSBN:highly comressed bales

Good Day Strawbalers,
my news from downunder is that I finally got a highly compressed bale made.
It measures 550M long, 400M high, 450M wide and weighs about 30 kilograms. I
am interested to find out if anyone has had experience with such or similar
bales. Maybe it would be worthwhile to conduct tests with this bale,
especially tests which could help improve the loadbearing technique. I think
that it is very important to carefully plan and discuss any testing activity
in order not to double up and waste resources on any research. If any of you
think a 30 kilogram bale could have some positive impact on straw bale
building I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions/support in regards to the
most important tests needed.
Thanks a million for any input, sunny greetings from OZ, Frank Thomas.