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Re: Who is learning how to put out sb-fires ???

Rene, I will keep you posted on this. I hope it was very clear, that fire incident nr.1 was totally unplastered (the one started by a pyroman). Probably my description of incident nr.2 was more obscure: In regard to the insurance company the owner-builder states that it was "as good as finished". I've been through the building after the burn, and there were lots of unfinished stuff left. In relevance to the fire it is important to know, that the ceiling-insulation-bales were unplastered on the top side, and that there was DIRECT PHYSICAL ACCESS to this side, once you had penetrated the tarp which was covering the hole in the ceiling-wooden boards. A whole prepared for the not installed sky-light. It is a good initiative you are about to undertake. Make sure to send a notice to Herbert Gruber in Austria, so that he will link from ESBN. I think I would put the: "State of the building ie occupied, completed in construction"-section up higher on the list. Yours sincerely Lars Keller ----Original Message Follows---- From: "Rene Dalmeijer"RENED@... To: "Lars Keller"LARS_KELLER@... CC: "GSBN"GSBN@... Subject: Re: GSBN:Who is learning how to put out sb-fires ??? Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 21:56:35 +0100 Lars keep me posted. On these incidents. I am trying to build up a database on SB fire incidents. As yet it is still just meagre 2 incidents occuring in finished buildings. Most fires I have read about are during building. Which seems to be the dangerous period. My conclusion until sofar is that fire hazard is a very good reason to stoccu as soon as possible. Another is that occupying a SB house with unstuccoed inners wall surfaces is dangerous. I hope to put up the details I have soon. As soon as I find the time to set up a good page format for SB fire incedent reports on my website. I am thinking of the following format: When and where it occured Brief description of the fire Possble cause How was the fire dealt with: ie Fireman, let it burn out, etc. State of the building ie occupied, completed in construction Loss in $, scope of the damage Lessons learned Rene Dalmeijer