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Re: GSBN:highly comressed bales


I am sure that a highly compressed bale has quite afew structural advantages
amongst others it will be more dimensionally stable. I think the most
important test would be to build two compareable house/structures with
conventional bales and the new high density ones. To find out how the whole
compares. Rember it is a system its not an ssembly of components that you
sum up.

High density bale to my mind (pure speculation) would have the following
Higher strength (allowing higher walls)
Better fire resistence
Possibly better longivity (less permeable ie less condensation)
Less creep in walls

The high density bales also have disadvantages but my main reservation is
that they have to be specially made.

I think a test at this stage is far to early and too much expense to prove
anything. Ok if the wall is stronger what is the advantage? I think that the
advantages could be much more in the direction of construction grade SB into
making a bale a more standardised product for an industrialised style of

Rene Dalmeijer