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Here is a message we received that GSBN may be able to help with - or 
perhaps Timothy Cullen should become a GSBN member if there isn't anyone 
in Spain active yet.  Can some of the European members of GSBN contact 
him and get him in the loop over there? 

David Eisenberg

>From: "Timothy J. Cullen" timothyc@...
>To: info@...
>Subject: info
>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:20:51 +0100
>Thank you for your fine site.
>I am a strawbale enthusiast who hopes to secure EU and other 
>governmental funding to undertake strawbale housing construction 
>workshop and pilot project in Spain, my country of residence. I have 
>begun doing a significant amount of research, own The Straw Bale 
>House book, am acquainted with Steve Kemball & Carol Escott (I used 
>to live in Bisbee) and Karl Larson of Silver City, NV, but welcome 
>all information and suggestions on how best to present the proposal 
>and organize workshops. I expect to have the cooperation of a 
>nationally known and respected architect here in Spain and hope to 
>convince the municipal and regional authorities of the value of the 
>Do you know of anyone in Spain who has done strawbale building? I 
>have been unable to find much info on the web and have concluded 
>that the method is for all practical purposes unknown here. This is 
>an absurd situation, given the Spanish climate and traditional style 
>of building, but...
>Thank you for your attention.
>Timothy J. Cullen
>Avenida Manuel Siurot, 3, 4-6-4
>41013 Sevilla
>34 954 620 620

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