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GSBN:Roll Call

Dear Global SB Networkers,

I am Ren? Dalmeijer. At present regarding SB building I am relagated to
purely academic activity. As a Dutch saying I have too much other hay on my
fork. I do spend about 1 hour each evening reading and sometimes commenting
on mostly crest threads.

My formal training is civil/building engineering. I spent some time working
for a HVAC contracting engineering firm doing besides instrumentation
building physics simulation calculations. After this frustrating period
experiencing business out of touch with what is really required ie a
sustainable approach to builing I dropped out moving into IT full-time. I
built up a small CAD company reselling mainly Computervision 3D MCAD for 12
years. My last project before leaving CAD Services www.cadservices.nl behind
was designing the Titanium clad roof for the extension to the van Gogh
museum in Amsterdam. By chance I just finished the project before the first
European SB meeting with Matts and Judy in Brittany Fr.

I have the feeling somewhere in the not to distant future there will be more
SB in my destiney besides striving to run the Dutch SBN web-site
www.rened.cistron.nl. One of the not to distant projects is to put up some
pages on the site regarding SB fires.

Rene Dalmeijer