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Re: GSBN: Roll Call

G ' Day Global Balers

Back from the bush for a day and then back to the bush for a week!

The Straw Wolf reporting in aka John Glassford.

I am honoured to part of this list of global balers and my experience is primarily one of a builder of straw bale buildings from chook sheds
(chicken coops) to jumbo bale wineries.  We, that is the boss and I, Susan the other straw wolf or wolverine should I say, have now conducted some
36 straw bale workshops around Australia from the city of Whyalla in dry, dusty, hot South Australia to the rain forests of Maleny in South East
Queensland and many places in between.

We are concentrating on load bearing structures with a leaning towards jumbo straw bales using earthen render with Golden Ganmain chaff as the
binder for our earth plasters; we also like to finish the earth render with a lime putty/sand mixture.

We are also developing a straw tilt-up panel system from jumbo bales and we will build our first prototype tilt-up panel building this year here in
Golden Ganmain.  The idea is to bring this technology to the attention of professional builders like ourselves.

Whilst I have your ears I would like to flag the Coroboree Down Under Sustainable Building Conference 2002 to be held here in Golden Ganmain.
Probably around October 2002.  The aim is to promote LOW cost sustainable building using straw/earth/chaff/bamboo.  Need to come up with a name for
it.  I was hoping that we could use oue collective brain power and develop the 'conference' along the lines of people coming from all parts of the
world from places like Kenya, Mexico, East Timor and so on; to teach us developed nations type people how to live lightly off the planet.

Many thanks to all of you on this list for all the help you have given me in the past and I look forward to greeting all of you in person here in
Golden Ganmain in 2002.

>From the Den of The Straw Wolves
61 2 6927 6027