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Re: GSBN:highly comressed bales

Hi there you Aussies,
I once worked with specially packed dense bales and found the strings had to
be so tight to hold the extra straw they distorted the bales and made them
hard to sit flat. We had to do a lot of jumping on them to redress this. I
tend to think that they're not necessary as they involve more straw, more
work and we don't need such a level of insulation (if they DOprovide more
anyway). However, if we go into mass production for the building market,
then maybe we should look at them again. I do try to get very dense bales
for building (sensible practice for all), but buy from the farmers who sell
by weight rather than by bale.
Say Hi to that Tom Raven guy and give him a hug from me.
Best wishes, Barbara
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> G 'Day Frank and Ingrid
> Frank & Ingrid wrote:
> > my news from downunder is that I finally got a highly compressed bale
> > It measures 550M long, 400M high, 450M wide and weighs about 30
kilograms. I
> > am interested to find out if anyone has had experience with such or
> > bales. Maybe it would be worthwhile to conduct tests with this bale,
> Some time ago we had a look at these bales which are manufactured in
several places now in Australia primarily for export fodder to Korea, Japan
> Hong Kong etc. for the horse racing and dairy industry.  The producers of
these bales near Tocumwal made several double dumped bales for us and we
> did try them.  I found them to be awkward to use as they were so dense
that they did not sit well in a running bond and after three courses high
> became very unstable indeed.  Other concerns were:
> High density bales may not be as good from insulation properties as there
are few if any air pockets amongst the straw.
> We would require twice the amount of straw to build the same wall out of
standard two string bales.  The benefit here is the extra carbon sequested
> in the form of a straw bale house.
> My main concern was build ability and we now have a supplier of straw
bales in Golden Ganmain who produces top quality "building bales" in a
> standard size.
> We are also looking to build a house for one of our clients using jumbo
bales near Campbelltown (a suburb of Sydney) towards the end of the year.  I
> like the jumbo bales very much and the winery in Geelong is working
extremely well with the 8'x3'x3' bales, the only problem being the cement
> render.
> Been away back for a few days and I will try to catch up with all of you
soon.  We expect Tom Rajven in Golden Ganmain on Friday, all of you on this
> list know Tom dip zee bales Rajven, looking forward to meeting Tom again
and working with him on developing the Golden Ganmain earth/chaff renders.
> All the best The Straw Wolf
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